An article by Max Steinberg, Reiki Practitioner, Ph.D.


My first energy healer was a Russian woman Tatiana who practiced a fusion of Reiki and Chi-gong. At the time, I was working as a biomedical researcher in Maryland and was constantly under stress at work. It all started from a minor trauma: I slipped and hurt my side just under the ribs. There was nothing diagnosed by conventional medicine including CAT tomography but once in a while, under stress I would collapse with pain and spasms in the area. Tatiana was normal in every way and behaved in a very business-like manner. I was seated in the middle of a candle-lit room with Russian icons, Indian incense, and many pretty stones and decorations. Meditative music was played. I was prompted to close my eyes and to breath deeply and peacefully. Tatiana whispered prayers while working on energy flows around me using an egg-shaped stone, a candle and bare hands. I couldn’t say I felt anything special during the first treatment, but the pain went away and didn’t return until a few weeks later. With more visits I noticed a pattern – as Tatiana would lay her hands on my head, I would become sleepy and relaxed. When she laid her hands on my painful side, I would feel heat inside and with this heat my discomfort would be gone.
Later, as I was moving to Rochester, I was hesitant to part with my healer since I became dependent on her art – once every few weeks or months I needed the healing. To my relief, just by googling, I found another energy healer in Rochester. It was Lisa O’Shea, a Chi-gong healer. Her Chi-gong Institute of Rochester is located on Blossom Rd. and shines with a quiet atmosphere of refinement and happiness. At my first treatment, Lisa consulted me on the basics of energy hygiene according to traditional Chinese medicine and settled me on a massage table in a candlelit room. The treatment was similar to Tatiana’s, with similarly good results. Again, I was much relieved. During the following years, while visiting Lisa, I used every opportunity to learn more about the nature of energy healing. I was helped much by the fact that Lisa was educated as an engineer at MIT and was able to look at traditional Eastern medicine through the eyes of a modern Westerner.
The same can be said about Barbara Carlton, my Reiki healer and teacher. In years of being her patient, I realized that all energy healing arts are fundamentally similar and deal with the same energy. In Chi-gong it is named Chi, in Reiki it is Qi (Ki), in Hindu medicine it is prana, in Russia it is bio-energy, in the West it is referred to as the life force. As I progressed in my research into energy healing, I discovered that my hands can heal and in fact, everybody’s hands are designed to heal. It came easily to me and was profound at the same time. It is only a question of training and intention. It is very natural to put a hand over a place that hurts. Do it more often! Mothers do it naturally to their children. Now, it makes perfect sense.  I realized that I always have been aware of the energy of other people and I often tried to heal, except I was afraid to use my hands. It was a Reiki class by Barbara that helped me discover a healer in myself.
The art of Reiki comes from Japan and the word Rei-ki means “Life energy” that is used for healing. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki was a practitioner of Chi-gong. His discovery was how to heal the patient without depleting the energy of the healer. The tradition of laying on of hands is very ancient and present in every culture. How does it work? Here is a consensus explanation. Each person has a soul and an etheric body which is a nonphysical blueprint of the physical body. Life energy is an invisible non-physical, non-electromagnetic energy that flows through the body. Illness results from energy imbalances, blockages and leaks which can be healed by laying on hands.
imageHow can physical hands heal non-physical energy? Very simple! Because they are alive. It is the etheric counterparts of the healer’s hands that heal and balance the energy of the patient. It is the healing energy that comes from elsewhere that is directed by the healing hands and this is why the healers are not depleted of energy. The effects may be temporary, but with time, the patients learn how to breath, how to overcome fear and stress, how to relax and meditate. They learn healthy energy patterns , lifestyle and how to stay healthy at any age. This is the healing energy of Reiki in a nutshell.
by Max Steinberg, Ph.D.
Dr. Steinberg is a Reiki healer, a writer and a lecturer of spiritual energy healing. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology. He published a metaphysical textbook “Celestial Science” and produced a number of videos on it. Max invites clients to his Reiki practice in Brighton at 129 Cobb Ter. Tel: (585) 204-0507