A report on “Consciousness of love” conference

image18“Consciousness of love” conference in Sonnenberg Gardens on Sun, April 22 was a happy and significant event for me. It felt very happy and spiritual. Very important for me was hearing the presentation by Brian Dailey on healing powers of crystals and polycontrast energy imaging.


(Patrick, Daniel and Brian in front of polycontrast imaging screen.)

After the talk Brian invited the public to touch and feel the energy of his crystals in person. You feel the crystal’s energy by moving its pointy end over the left palm without touching it. The crystals concentrate the energy coming from the hand. Typically the right hand is thought to give away the energy and the left hand is taking the energy in. The energy flow feels as a tingling sensation within the palm, and this sensation moves as the tip of the crystal is moving over. Some crystals felt much stronger than other. It was very exciting to learn much about the crystals and to experience them first hand.

image16We also had a chance to experiment with the polycontrast video imaging system of Brian. I am still not clear whether and how it works, but the idea is that human biofield energy is visualized by polycontrast camera and can be used for diagnosis. I can’t say I fully understand, but it looks promising.

image131Silvia Barker spoke well on power of words and names. The main message was: don’t curse even in your mind as you attract what you are speaking about and – if your name brings bad luck, change the name. It was very profound and wise.

image221Arun Gandhi spoke about anger, overconsumption and poverty. The audience was full, there were nice questions too.

There were several other interesting presentations, I met wonderful people and had fun with people working in healing energy arts. It was a celebration of healing arts and spirituality.

Exciting for me was to participate in a drum session with professional drummers. It was pure fun. I was given a big drum and asked to play a sertain rhythm which was quite complex to my ear. I was scared a bit but seemed to manage producing the rhythm and was much relieved when all others joined. I discovered that most difficult is to keep drumming while someone drums out of rhythm right to your ear.

A few photos from the conference: